Everything Is A Song

by Magic Trees

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released October 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Magic Trees Saskatchewan

Magic Trees released their 2nd album, “Another Way To Exist” in 2012, which was written and recorded in Northwest England. The group consisted of two Canadian couples who spent three years travelling across Canada and the UK soaking up influences, writing songs, and recording on a mobile setup above the Victoria Pub in St. Annes, Lancashire. ... more

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Track Name: The Two Or Three Things I Would Change
You live your life inside of a picture window
Staring out, never wearing out your soul
I wonder if the thought occurred
That all the difference in the world
Lies between what you want and what you do
When the weather starts to turn
Do you feel your stomach burn
Regret's a dish that's best served not at all
Opinions on the Emperor's new clothes
Are falling down like dominoes
Times like this it's best to cut and run towards the sun
The two or three things I would change
Are nothing standing up against
Everything I'd leave the same
My innocence is soiled and stained
Curiosity remains
Don`t ask me why
No matter how inadequate you feel, you`ll heal
No matter how indifferent I appear, I`m still here
There`s a line that can`t be crossed
No matter what the cost
We can not allow this moment to be lost
When the battle starts to turn
Do you feel your lesson learned
Victory is bittersweet tonight
There was a point to all of this
Some truth behind the Judas kiss
Times like this it`s best to kneel and pray
Kneel and pray
Track Name: My Night Sky
If everything I`ve seen is true
I know I must lost
In paying for my so-called sins
I found the ones I crossed
My night sky grows brighter at last
Shadows on my past
I thought of how I`d lived my life
If only I had known
That all there is connecting us
Is fear of being alone
My night sky grows brighter at last
Shadows on my past
And all I hear are promises
Left undone
Took the beaten path away
I`ll always have that shame
I`d take the road less traveled
If only I could hear your name
The moon is all that lights my path
I fear that I am lost no more
My breath is gone your lights are on
I`m knocking at your door
Track Name: The Light
I thought I was the Light
But it was shining bright from outside myself.
Track Name: Cmon Freak Me Out
Come inside
What it all comes down to is I`m scraping at the sky
Trying to see what`s on the other side
I`m willing to try anything , I`ll climb your magic tree
I`ll row your boat across the great divide
Come inside
C`mon freak me out
Push push
Come inside
C`mon freak me out
We can hear the clanging in the distance
But damned if we can recognize the sound
If I wasn`t chained up and stuck in this back yard
I could grab the mystery, pull it to the ground
I`m talking to a baby and there`s wisdom in his eyes
He knows the secrets but they`re locked inside
I`m talking to an old man who`s forgotten everything
Yeah but he knows he`ll remember once he`s died
Track Name: Go To Sleep
Go to sleep, go to sleep
When you wake up things will be different, you'll see
You won't be hungry anymore
You are drifting with no direction and you think you have a plan
Stuck in your perspective, the misconception that you love your fellow man
Go to sleep, go to sleep
When you wake up you won't need your ears to hear
When half the world has disappeared
You're the devil, you are god and you are all that's inbetween
Hurricanes and flowers flowing out of every direction that you lean
Go to sleep, go to sleep
All your life you've known you were right, now that's changing overnight
And if you're scared then I will stay, don't let your mind get in the way
Go to sleep, go to sleep
When you wake up you won't need your eyes to see
Because when they open you'll be me
Track Name: People Of Stone
They struggle, they fight
Lost in illusion
Hardened they stand
Swimming upstream