Another Way To Exist

by Magic Trees

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released June 14, 2012

Jason Moon, Ian Dickson, Jaime Dickson, Colleen Moon



all rights reserved


Magic Trees Saskatchewan

Magic Trees released their 2nd album, “Another Way To Exist” in 2012, which was written and recorded in Northwest England. The group consisted of two Canadian couples who spent three years travelling across Canada and the UK soaking up influences, writing songs, and recording on a mobile setup above the Victoria Pub in St. Annes, Lancashire. ... more

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Track Name: Radiance
The frosted stars are leaping off the rim of earth across the dome
Sharp is the night and it’s a night to make the heavens our home
More than this nest, where we scrape each step to strive
Look down the road, every fir tree seems alive

Lights rushing out in swarms from the golden comb
Awaken waves and waves of thoughts that burst to foam
Its mantle holds us half past mortal breath
Life glistens on the river of the dead

Radiance in rings

It folds us, flesh and dust, and we have knelt
The radiance in rings, the haven of the soul is what we’ve felt
Track Name: The Girl And The Sun
This is the tale of a girl
Who fell in love with the sun
But the night was too long to wait for the day

She flew into the sky
And took the sun away
Now the night won’t turn into the day

With the darkness came a roar
When the sun didn’t rise on the eastern shore
Panic, fear and dread
Wishing they were one of the lucky dead
So lonely now

Flowers never bloom
Dreams fade to grey as the colours all were washed away
No light, no love,
No music soldiering on, waiting for the dawn

The sun still shines through me,
Colours glow in all I see
The sun still shines through me,
Rising up from the eastern sea
Track Name: I Don't Think That Way
My friend tells me that I’m cool
I guess it must be true
She wouldn’t say that just to fool me
Would she?
I couldn’t say, I don’t think that way

You learn to love the sand
When there’s nowhere else to play
And someone’s asking for a new dance
A new chance
What could I say, I don’t think that way

I’m not saying I’m wrong
But my heart tells me I’m leaving it too long
It’s going to slip away

While I lie awake
My lover’s whispering to me
Promises and possibilities
She wouldn’t do that just to hurt me
Would she?
Track Name: Big Black Sign
There’s a big black sign outside my window today
Hanging from a line, don’t know what it’s meant to say
The workmen climbed and fastened it down to stay
They left it behind like a death mark on the day
And the sun won’t shine through the black sign

There’s a dark black song playing in your head these days
And it won’t be long before we see it all slip away

When a cloud comes by I just wait ‘til it rolls away
But a big black sign feels like it’s here to stay

And the sun won’t shine through the black sign
Track Name: My Friend
My friend, my friend, it’s been so long since you smiled
Want to take you out so we can laugh for a while
And fall into a dream of what we used to be
Cause love is what I feel
Love is what I feel

The days are long and leave you dead upon your feet
You trade your soul for a bed and a little bit of weed
Remember how it was, remember it can be that way again
Cause love is what is real
Love is what is real

I love your song, I love your song
I want to hear another one
I want to dance with my arms around your shoulders
Cause the world is getting colder and I am getting older

My friend, my friend, you know you shine like the sun
All the things I said, I meant them, every single one
If we could just forget all the times that I was bad to you

Cause love is what I fee
Love is what I feel
Yeah, love is what is real
Love is what is real
Track Name: Climb
You need me to tell you I think you’re nice
Even when you’re so blue
Pick you up when you’ve fallen down
And be there to whisper to you
Why do you think you’re bad until I say you’re good?
You can do anything, why wait until I say you should?

How can I climb out of the depths of my mind?
How can I climb?

You want me to tell you you’re beautiful
In the morning when you’ve awoken
My words can send you to the moon
So much left unspoken
Why do you feel so trapped, until I open the door?
Seems like you’ve had enough,
Then I leave and you’re beggin for more

You always look outside yourself,
A dreamer is what I call you
If I could wake you up today
You’d see you have it all within you
Seems like you want to fly, I know you’ll find your way
How can you dance under the sun, if you’re always waiting for my say?
Track Name: Slice Of Time
The light dies and the night shines
All who lived and all that have died
Are carried on in this little slice of time

Standing on this threshold with you
I see now and forever too
Captured in this little slice of time

The white and black of this world
The left and right of this world

One of us is half awake
One of us is half asleep
Into which reality will I creep

The pros and cons of this world
The blues and reds of this world

All I touch, all I can be
All I see is a part of me
Carried on in this little slice of time
Track Name: Picking Up The Rain
You’re fighting in a homemade war
Don’t remember what you’re fighting for no more
Doesn’t matter to you

Are the humans getting in your hair
You can always run and hide yourself downstairs
Doesn’t matter to you

It’s a shame, she’ll never be the same
She’ll never be the girl she was when you fell in love back then
It’s a game you didn’t need to play
Like picking up the rain

You’ve got to be the boss and raise your voice
Gotta make them understand that there’s no choice
They’ve got to listen to you

When they’re whispering behind your back
Show no mercy when it’s time for your attack
They gotta listen to you

It’s a shame, you’ll never be the same
You’ll never be the man you were
Before the plans you made fell through
It’s a crime to be wasting all your time
Out picking up the rain
Track Name: Wild And Free
When she gets that look in her eye she’ll take me on a ride
And when she comes to me it’ll be the best it could be

Simplify my life for me let your laughter set me free
You open up my dreams
Make them real, wild and free

On our side, we are standing by
Not to try, helplessly we look inside

They’ve got the law on their side
They’ve got greed in their eyes
What price can you put on a soul
Can the wind in your hair be bought and sold
Track Name: Elephant On My Chest
Don’t like these blue pills anymore
I want the ones I had before
Yeah these ones bring me down
These ones make enemies of anyone who’s around
Less Christmas cards to send, I’ll ask my friend

He knows what’s best
Elephant on my chest says I am blessed
And I think he passed the test
Elephant on my chest says fuck the rest, fuck the rest

I’ve got no time for her right now
And all her wheres and whens and hows
I gotta catch my breath
Before I catch another glimpse of happiness

Each time could be the end
I’ll ask my friend
Track Name: Life Goes Round
I am of the sun, I am of the moon
I am the waves that lap up on the sand
When I’m out among the trees I am, I am

I take the fish out of the lake,
I drink the water from the stream
I had to leave to understand
When I’m out among the trees I am, I am

The sun shines on us
We’re all bound to the circle as we walk it
Life goes round and round and round

I long for lovely Anne,
Mistress of the sea
Across the distance our love will stand
When I’m out among the trees we are one, we are

The sun, it shines on us
Make a sound
Walk the circle as it calls us
Life goes round and round and round